“Revival is starting to happen here one person at a time.”

Prayer Room Stories

Starting a prayer room was an idea inspired by all the stories I read about in ‘Red Moon Rising’ and ‘Dirty Glory’. I felt for a long time that starting a prayer room at our church would help others engage more with prayer in a tangible way, but wasn’t sure if we could manage it. Also, I had a sense that the community we live in needed us to uphold it before God in prayer, like God was waiting for us to take our mission to them seriously, and make sure it was built on a foundation of prayer.

A small room at our church was suddenly freed up when some tech gear was moved and, within a few weeks, I had claimed it as a prayer room. I put some furniture there, lined a wall with paper, filled it with some art materials and other prompts, and preached a message about it.

For our first full 24 hours of prayer, it was more difficult to fill the slots than I had thought, but eventually, they all were, and everyone loved being a part of it. I was surprised at some of the people who signed up: brand new Christians, older folk, families with young kids…fabulous!

I found the time passed far too quickly during our first full 24 hours in the prayer room, and many people said the same! I think next time a lot of people will book 2-hour slots!

People used the paper wall to write scriptures, prayers and thoughts, and did some great artwork. Many people felt compelled to take their shoes off as it felt like entering holy ground as they walked in. So many people used the really old bible I placed in there, and I love the sense of legacy from that.

Personally – and other people said similar – it felt like a very precious time of communing with God (In a way, I felt a little robbed that I didn’t have more time). It was a very different feeling to praying anywhere else: no distractions, just me and God, and a sweet sense of His presence.

I’m seeing and hearing of God’s work in the lives of individual people who spent time in God’s presence in the prayer room, bringing change that only He can. I feel the prayers prayed in there continue to be fulfilled and will be for a long time yet!

We had seven people baptised during the service after the time in the prayer room finished. Most of these were planned but we had one extra on the day.

We have been seeing a steady stream of people coming along to church who have no previous faith background or support from family. However, they feel compelled to come and find out for themselves “if God is true”. This had to be a work of God in their hearts! Nothing else can account for a young person deciding to come into a church they have never been to before all by themselves. This same story of God drawing people has been told over and over again.

I have a strong sense that we are being called to set up a community outreach ministry right in the heart of our town to be a bridge between us and the community, particularly the disadvantaged and disconnected. This sense took more shape during my time in the prayer room, and I feel a greater confidence about it. My prayer is that this will become a reality, and for the work of God to continue in the hearts of individuals as He calls them by name. I’ve felt to take a step back from making it happen and, instead, allowing God to lead the way. I am so sure it will be more miraculous than just me pushing it into existence.

Revival is starting to happen here one person at a time. I pray that God is making us ready.

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