“God was proving to me that He is with me…”

Prayer Room Stories

Thursday 7pm was my time to pray in the prayer room.

Prior to 7pm, I got off a phone call with my mum, during which she explained that my stepdad has a very progressive cancer, and he had been told that he only has a short time to live. My emotions felt chaotic and after I finished up on the call, the last thing I wanted to do was pray.

As I sat in my car 1-2 minutes before 7pm, I prayed and expressed to God how I was feeling. Then, I felt the Lord put 3 thoughts on my mind. The first was ‘Joy’, which was God telling me to not let this situation steal my joy since my joy comes from God alone. The second was ‘child-like faith’, which I felt was God wanting me to have a faith that sounds ridiculous to all, yet believing Him for the impossible. And, lastly, ‘Go to God for refreshment’, which was the Lord wanting me to keep trusting and chasing after Him.

After sensing what God was sharing with me, I went to the prayer room. As I entered the room, I was greeted by a lady who was praying and drawing something with crayon. She said to me that she is passing the baton to me and she prayed over me. At the end of the prayer, she explained that she was praying for the next person prior to me arriving, and God told her to draw something and write three things down. She handed me the drawing, and, to my amazement, I read ‘Joy’, ‘child-like faith’ & ‘living water’.

God was proving to me that He is with me, knowing where I’m at and caring so much about me. He shared those three things with this lady, all of it in order to show me that He’s with me and that I do hear from Him. 

Praise Jesus!!

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