“…don’t stop praying because God’s ready to move.”

Prayer Room Stories

I just had one of my friends on my heart who I don’t really see anymore but is so dear to me. He’s stopped coming to church and is doing his own thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t really spoken to him or spent time with him for about three years and have felt that maybe that’s just how it will be for our friendship. I had him on my heart so I spent some time in prayer for him.

I left the prayer room to go to work and you just feel on top of the world when you leave there. Anyway, I was doing a few things and for the first time in almost three years, I received a text from this friend. I was just like, “Oh man!” You just couldn’t time it, right? Within that short message that he sent me I just felt like there was so much of a reparation of our friendship and maybe there was a movement within his heart.

I just want to encourage you that, even if it feels like you’ve been praying for someone for forever, don’t stop praying. I probably had, but as soon as I was intentional, God was like “Look what I can do!” So, don’t stop praying because God’s ready to move. He just wants you to invite him into that.

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