Vision & Mission

The Vision Is Jesus.

24-7 Prayer Australia is birthed from a global interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice, with a vision to revive the church and rewire the culture through non-stop night and day prayer. The Vision Poem began as some words that 24-7 Prayer’s founder Pete Greig wrote on the wall of the first ever Prayer Room, but quickly became the rallying cry for the global 24-7 Prayer movement…

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Our Vision

From the centre of our largest cities to our rural red-dust towns, our vision is to see renewal in Australia as the people of God unite in prayer, mission, and justice.

Why 24-7 Prayer?

Our Mission

24-7 Prayer Australia exists to ‘Revive the Church and Rewire Culture’ and we seek to do that by inspiring, equipping, and resourcing Australian individuals, churches and organisations. We want to champion the mission of God in your community.


Where did it all begin?

24-7 Prayer was born from one small student-led prayer vigil that God invaded and quickly spread into 100+ nations, touching 2 million people of all ages in over 12 thousand locations, and landing in almost every denomination: traditional and non-traditional expressions alike.

Collectively, prayer has continued non-stop night and day since that 1st vigil in 1999; putting presence-centred, mission-minded prayer back at the heart of communities all over the world and leaving a global movement of prayer, mission, and justice in its wake. One which breathes out stories of God radically transforming lives, churches, neighbourhoods, and regions. Our call is to revive the Church and rewire the culture.

24-7 Prayer Australia was launched in 2022.


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Do you have a heart to grow prayer in your community, and you are looking for a place to begin? Check out our 24-7 Prayer resources to be inspired, activated and equiped to run a prayer room.

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